GHL Video Playlists

I wanted to take a moment and put together the videos I feel would of been most important for me to see first when I first learned of Go HighLevel…Its a subjective thing, but hope they help!

Go HighLevel

SaaS + Agency + Client

Level Up Day 2020

The dev team is solid and they turn corners fast, here is a nice overview of things that are about to role out and features that will really solidify GHL as a force in the industry.


Still underutilized in the community as a whole, but I see this area of the platform being a huge oppurtunity once agencies start truly thinking outside the box and folding it in with new client objectives.

Calendar Features

So this is a recent update that rolled out this fall and it has been a great solution for those clients that have dynamic needs between their sales team. It adds a lot of customization and ability to meet your clients needs.



Unlimited Client Accounts and Unlimited Contacts at $297 level and up