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We support and advise companies who choose to sign up with GoHighlevel Marketing Automation Software.

We use GHL for our agency, we are an affiliate, and want to help you to qualify it and deploy it for your business.

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Supporting you in getting started with Go Highlevel marketing automation software.

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We use thier software in our agency and are happy to share what we know.

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Sample Automation Using Their Software

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Go Highlevel marketing software
Go Highlevel CRM


We support and advise companies who choose to sign up with GoHighlevel Marketing Software.

We use GHL for our agency, we are an affiliate, and want to help you to qualify it and deploy it for your business.

14 Day Free Trial

Go highlevel software free call

Free Q&A Call

We use thier software in our agency and are happy to share what we know.

Is GoHighlevel the right fit for you?


Sample Automation Using Their Software

Play Video go highlevel software dashboard

GHL Highlights

How Go Highlevel® is Different

UNLIMITED  users, accounts and contacts, make it the most scalable marketing automation, CRM on the market.

The ability to WHITELABEL IT reinforces your agency brand, allows you to seamlessly integrate it into your marketing suite. Which creates client retention.

Highlevel REPLACES MULTIPLE SOFTWARES that you need as an agency. And you likely understand, that a complete native feature suite trumps multiple limited integrations anyday.

The Marketing Agency Industry Is Evolving.

The days of it being a choice for businesses to have a marketing automation/nurture software has passed. The adoption rate is increasing and will soon be as common as email itself.

The smart marketing agencies are baking this solution into their services. Increase results, client retention and success for all involved.

Highlevel allows you to do that at scale.

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Marketing Software

The #1 Platform for Marketing Agencies

Your clients need your help navigating their marketing software stack. Highlevel positions you to be the hero. GHL Solution is here to get you up and running quickly.

Being An Agency

Across 12,000 marketing agencies using Go Highlevel®, almost all shared similar experiences…

The industry average for client retention is 3-6 months. Find out how Go Highlevel® has increased that to over 12 months.

Agency clients complain about the lead quality but most have poor sales follow up practices. Go Highlevel® solves this through robust and custom automation.

Marketing Agency clients often are price sensitive. See how Highlevel adds value in so many areas. Become your clients global solution and charge more.


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Your Clients

Companies have the need to adopt a Sales & Marketing SaaS, but with over 8,000 mar-tech software solutions available, they don’t have the time or the ability to find the correct solution(s), let alone integrate them correctly.

Even if they did find someone at a significant salary, who was up for the task, they would only run into a lack-luster end result, built on a rats-nest of buggy integrations.


They need your help.

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Go Highlevel

What we like about what The GoHighlevel® Team has created.

Explore the features and benefits of their software below.


This is a robust platform built for marketing agencies to customize to their client’s needs. Here are just a few of the features, to help you do what you do.

CRM Solution

Fully flexible smart lists will give you the freedom to sort, sift, segment, and track in every way that matters for you and your agency clients. More Info


From Email & SMS Builders/Templates, to Website & Landing Page Builders, to Form & Survey Builders, you are able to create anything you need. And then repliacate it as needed accross multiple accounts.

Centralized Communication

Communicate with cusomters all in one place. From SMS, Messenger, Phone, or Email, you have the ability to see the whole converstion no matter the channel.


Build endless and seamless automations based on campaigns and triggers, utilize tags and nurture each lead and maximize your ad spend. Create dynamic conditional work flows all in one place in the workflow area. More Info.

Cool Features

A platform that is only limited by your creativity as a marketer. There are unique features like ring-less voicemail drops and sending video SMS responses, but you can even build out integrate true AI chatbots via Googles Dialogue Flow with Zapier…the sky is the limit!

DFY Services

Access DFY Services from GHL’s own agency partner. Expand your service offerings without having to expand your team.


Features are one thing, but below are the true benefits for a marketing agency to use Go Highlevel® for their clients and their own marketing needs.


Start out at $97/month.

Get unlimited sub-accounts for your clients at $297/month, with no restrictions!

Just arrived, Agency Pro Level starting at $497/month geared for those with over 10 clients and need additional features that help you scale. 

White Label

Find your competitive advantage right out of the gate, being able to offer a robust custom solution that helps nurture the leads you worked so hard to create.

Unlimited Accounts

The power and robust feature set of multiple softwares including powerhouses like Hubspot, but without the +$1000 per client costs. Pay $297/ month and get unlimited sub accounts for clients including unlimited customers for each client. 

Replaces Multiple Software Solutions

From Calendly, Active Campaign, Click Funnels, MailChimp, CallRail, and endless others…no more pulling your hair out tracking and managing multiple solutions to get the results and reporting you need.

You have a voice

The soul focus is turning leads into customers. Within that vision Go Highlevel has a large team of developers that pull from the ideas the community of marketers decides are most important them. You can vote up the most crucial features you dream up.

The best part is that this is a company that champions innovation like no other and turns corners incredibly fast. It is truly impressive!


Maybe this is more of a feature but we also think during this shift in businesses looking to shift their model to digital it is a huge benefit for agencies to be able to create sales funnels that seamlessly tie into a membership program. Use for clients internal HR/Training needs or as a paid course. Add value, create retention. 


Features & Benefits


In More Detail


At its core Go Highlevel® is focused on turning leads into customers. So having a powerful CRM solution is paramount. What I like most is that everything is built for function, visibility and is very customizable.

SMART LISTS The ability to create detailed smart lists is paramount when it comes to segmenting leads and managing custom actions to each group. Filter by anything you can create with custom fields, tags and access them easily.

TAGS Drive automations off of a tag system that can give you very detailed control over your triggers and automated marketing campaigns.

BULK ACTIONS From the CRM, be able to manage a number of bulk actions, saving time and energy. While still having a high level of control.

CRM & Smart Lists Videos

Smart List – Basic Overview

Smart List – Feature Examples 1

Smart List – Feature Examples 2

Smart List – Custom Fields

Smart List – Bulk Actions

Voice & Calling Videos
Voicemail Drops

Power Dialer


Voice & Calling

Powerful calling features open up a lot of what is possible for your clients and your own agency.

VOICEMAIL DROPS Leave ring-less voicemails for interested leads. Call goes straight to voicemail.

POWER DIALER/SMS Automate campaigns with manual call events that work around your clients operational hours. Automate the call back with a power dial feature, to knock out a lot of call backs with your team.

CALL TRACKING & MORE Easily manage multiple users and sales teams, including individual voicemail, call recording and ad tracking with number pools.

Email & SMS Builder

Highlevel® wanted to allow marketing agencies to replace important tools that up until now have had to be patched together and can add up to a substantial expense. The core one is the drag and drop Email and SMS template builder.

SMS Builder Being able to create templates for your SMS campaigns saves a lot of time and energy. Combine custom values to the mix, and you are able streamline a lot of what you are trying to do for a client.

EMAIL BUILDER It is one thing to offer an email builder, but its another to give it a nice UI and make it fast. The simple to use drag and drop builder has all the features you need as a marketing company building custom emails for your clients.

GLOBAL FILE MANAGER When working throughout all of the areas of Go Highlevel® you will find that the images you upload are easy to access from any builder. So you only have to upload something once.

Go Highlevel Website Builder
Website Builder Videos

Website & Landing Page Builder

Website & Landing Page Builder

Build beautiful landing pages and websites right in Go Highlevel®. Easily integrated into your sales funnel and duplicate for new clients in the same niche.

WEBSITES The ability to pull up an existing free template and modify it, or build a website from scratch has never been easier.

LANDING PAGES Drive lead conversion for your clients with a landing page that drives them to take action.

WHITE LABEL CUSTOM SITE Go HighLevel® Services, can help migrate a site for you, or build a custom site for your client as well.

Form & Survey Builder

Create forms that you can embed on websites with an iframe code or can easily be integrated into websites or landing pages you have built in Go Highlevel®.

FORM BUILDER Customize your form’s layout, use custom fields, custom CSS, all the features you want in a form to capture the lead info you need for your nurture campaign.

SURVEY BUILDER Take leads through an expereince that allows you to capture important details to aid you in qualifying them. Use conditional logic to further customize their experience and drive conversion.


Go Highlevel Form and Survey Builder
Form & Survey Builder Videos

Form & Survey Builder

Go Highlevel Automation
Workflow Automation Videos
Workflow Automation Builder

Triggers Overview

Bump Trigger

Appointment Triggers

Call Status Trigger

Stale Opportunities Trigger

Exact Match & Contains Phrase Trigger

Positive Intent Trigger

Task Trigger

Email Event Trigger

Customer Push Notification Trigger

Notes Trigger

Adwords Trigger

Custom Date Trigger


At the heart of it all, Go Highlevel® has created the best automation solution. IT makes sense that this software is not built for the end user, just marketers, as it can do anything you need…but with that level of sophistication comes some ability to map out the automations and think through goals.

WORKFLOW BUILDER This new feature has made mapping out and building your clients automations much more approachable and efficient. 

TRIGGERS Create actions based on anything you need, your creativity is normally where you find your limitations…for all new ideas there is an ideas board as well to get it built. You can trigger off of a call coming in, Facebook Ad, status change….work with Tags in your contacts and the sky is the limit. Even create your own Trigger Links that you can put in SMS and Emails to trigger events when the link is clicked.



Expanding on the automation functionalities. Highlevel® makes it easy to build campaigns that take leads through a detailed nurture sequence. Triggers aid in moving them in and out of multiple campaigns as they mature towards becoming a customer. Maximize your ad spend with total control over your nurture campaigns.

In addition get detailed reporting right in the campaign, see open rates, etc. so that you can see right where you may want to adjust that specific nurture campaign.

EVENTS Each step of the campaign will have a step. Choose from SMS, Email, Voicemail Drops, Messenger, Call, Add Task, Webhooks, and Wait Steps.

INTERVALS Customize timing between each step with any time you want. Even work backwards from a specific date for reminder campaigns, webinars, etc.


Go Highlevel Form and Survey Builder
Campaigns Videos
Campaigns Overview

Go HighLevel Funnel Builder
Funnel Builder Videos
Funnel Builder Overview

Funnel Builder

We can’t talk about automation and follow-up lead nurture campaigns without mentioning being able to create the marketing funnel to get leads into your nurture. 

FUNNEL BUILDER Bundle the Websites, Landing Pages, Forms and Surveys you have built and create sequences that take the lead through the necessary steps to convert them into a prospect.

FUNNEL ELEMENTS The ability to gather valuable details about your lead while maintaining their interest, takes multiple steps. Utilize low friction features like sticky contact info, incorporate your Facebook pixel, embed booking calendars and 2-step order forms. 

Utilize funnels for initial lead capture goals, mature prospect booking sequences, as well as incorporating upsells and down-sells, and payments attached to calendar appointments. 


Calendar 2.0

The ability to make it easy and automated to book appointments while not loosing control of your calendar has been well thought out by Highlevel. Building from leading marketing agency incites the calendar features and function will not disappoint.

ROUND ROBIN Customize multiple calendars based on multiple-user needs, equal and variable lead distribution, varying schedules and more.

STRIPE Integrate stripe payments directly into your calendars so that you can charge for appointments seamlessly. 

DYNAMIC Integrate booking calendars into your landing pages or websites outside of Go Highlevel®. The freedom is yours. With 2-way sync to Gmail you have the ability to always have your calendar current and booked just how you envision.

INTIGRATIONS Coming Q4 2020: Zoom & Office 365 Integrations


Go HighLevel Memberships
Membership Videos
Membership Overview

Membership Now In Funnels


Membership Triggers


Now you can build out free or paid trainings for HR dept., new hire trainings, video courses, free mini-course lead magnets, all within Highlevel. Even include in your snapshot so that you can copy across to other Highlevel locations within your unlimited license.

FEATURES Organize your video course and incorporate that into an automated campaign, or have as a training for client’s branding needs, etc. In this virtual world we are living in, this can be a powerful tool.




See everything you need to get a clear overview of where your client is at with their sales oppurtunities.

OPPORTUNITIES Get a quick summary of how many leads have been won, lost and are still open.

PIPELINE Summary of how much money has been won, lost and still in the process of being closed.

CONVERSION See what your close rate is, so you can monitor overall preformance.

 VISUAL Get a visual depiction of your sales pipelines, site traffic, reviews from google my business pages, and more…a true business command center.

GoHighLevel Dashboard
Dashboard Video
Dashboard Overview


Go Highlevel Attribution Reporting
Attribution & Reporting Videos
Attribution Overview
(Including Facebook and Google Adwords)

Call Tracking-Reporting

Number Pool – Call Tracking

Form & Survey Reporting

Appointment Reporting

Ad Source Activity Tracking

Agent Reporting (Pro Plan)


True Ad to Customer Attribution with Go Highlevel®. Every business needs to know how each specific ad performs and converts. Bringing so many softwares into one, combined with thoughtful integrations has allowed marketers to easily track their ad dollars clear to the end where a lead becomes a customer or is lost.

REPORTING See valuable graphic representations of performance as well as detailed source reporting. It’s clean, robust and beyond useful when speaking to a client, and making important marketing decisions.




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Free Resources we wish we had when we started.


  • The GoHighlevel Team themselves has continually improved the onboarding and resources to new signups for their software. So that is part of what they offer…but in addition to that:


  • We offer a 20 min 1on1 Orientation Call with our team (in addition to any support The Highlevel Team offers)


  • Resources that answer pivotal questions most agencies have when starting out.




Just wanted to say Highlevel has given freedom in my life and I am actually able to enjoy the things I love in life! Your companyis amazing and putting you up there with Costco and Chic Fil A! haha, thanks for everything!

- Matt Burkhalter

Owner, Solcertain - Sales Rep at Nike Golf

Client Results


Huge shout out to the entire Highlevel Team. Your platform is going to save a lot of businesses. One of my clients reopened yesterday with modified hours & services. All of their high-ticket services are out of commision for the foreseeable future. I crafted a 3 text & 1 email campaign. Turned it on the day before they reopened (they only gave me a few days notice…clients). Last night one of the owners called me in tears. On their first day reopened they had one of their top sales days & are booked solid into next week. The Highlevel platform is giving them a fighting chance!…

- Terri Melling Sassone

Agency Owner



I just want to say thank you to all of the creators of GHL. You guys have changed my life financially. This has been one of the best investments I have made.

- Tony Palumbo

Agency Owner

Disclosure: I am an independent HighLevel Affiliate, not an employee. I receive referral payments from HighLevel. The opinions expressed here are my own and are not official statements of HighLevel LLC.